Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Opening at ROCO

Gary and I attended an art opening on Feb 6th at
ROCO (Rochester Contemporary Art Center).  

Julianna Furlong Williams (my best friend in high school)
and her husband Judd Lawrence Williams (one of my art
instructors at R.I.T) were two of four artists exhibiting their
art in the annual "Mentors & Makers" show.

It was a huge success.  I love Julie's works--they are 
expressive, immediate and personal.  Judd's sculptures
were a play of spacial relationships and color--fun to look 
at and explore. Rather than ramble on about the event, 
I've linked to an art review in the City Newspaper.
I also included some photos. First pic: Julie, me and Karen. 
Second pic: Leslie (a friend from college), Julie and Julie's
sister Joyce.

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