Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy May and June

We traveled back to Atlanta for a few weeks for the birth
of our third grandchild, Ty Daniel.  It was such a joyful time!
Unfortunately, I somehow erased all the photos on my
digital camera, so I'm posting some from my son and 
daughter-in-laws blog.  I have learned that there is a way 
to retrieve the files on the memory card, but that is beyond
my know-how.

Baby Ty on Birth Day May 13

Anna and Taylor with their new brother

June photo

Fairport Canal Days - June 5th and 6th

I sold my books and prints from my book illustrations,
Stephanie sold her puppets and Lori sold a variety of her 
art creations.  Her Mother, Carol also sold her art work.
The weather was touch and go, but we had a blast!

Our booth:  Art Mash (Stephanie, Lori and Me)

Steph's puppet and my Marco had a lot to talk about!

Sunday was a wash out-wind and rain kept the crowds away
until the afternoon -- Carol and I had to amuse ourselves somehow.
We had stopped over to the Fairport Library Book Sale and got
bags of books for two dollars.  One was a biography of 
Susan B. Anthony which Ms. Puppet read to us. 

I was tried and fell asleep in the chair, right after telling Carol
I could never sleep sitting up.  I must have been exhausted.
The gang took full advantage of my unconsciousness and
parked puppets on my shoulders.  Too funny!  Thank you
ladies for being so playful that day.  It made for a great
time together!

Ode to my Editor
I was heartbroken to learn that my editor, Dawn Jeffers of
Raven Tree Press resigned.  We had established a wonderful 
professional and personal relationship.  How can I thank her 
enough for launching my career in Children's Books. 
I am grateful for the time we spent in the publication of the
first two Marco adventures.  She had a role in the third book 
also, but now I am working with Linda Bruell on the 
completion.  Here is one of the spreads from the adventures
of Marco Flamingo in the Jungle which will be released in
Spring 2011.  I am now going to be working with Linda
on the 4th book in the series.  Thank you, Linda.

Marco playing ring toss