Friday, April 23, 2010

Lima Primary School Presentation

Tammy Pulver and me.

On Monday, April 12th, I did an author/illustrator program for
the K-1 students at Lima Primary. I was invited by the librarian, 
Tammy Pulver.

The focus of my interactive program was on the different ways 
to communicate a story, building a story and drawing animals 
characters for a story.

I had a fantastic time!  The students were enthusiatic and 
engaged.  We sang, danced, mimed, and drew. I signed books 
at the end of each presentation and had some of my original art 
to view.

The school is enchanting.  I visited many classrooms and met 
the teachers. The student's writing and art is commendable. 
Kids are learning Spanish; Marco has a bilingual edition.  

I want to thank the staff for a smooth show, for their 
hospitality and for their help every step of the way: 
Jeanine Lupisella (Principal) 
Tammy Pulver (Librarian)  She knows the books kids love.
Cathy Hoose ( Library Paraprofessional) who took fantastic
    photos of the event.  
Scott VanHouter (Custodian) Thanks for the technical help!
Sarah Kamm (PTA Coordinator)  The buffet was amazing.

Here are some photos of the event.  Link to more photos taken 
by Cathy.  The pictures say it all.


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