Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Fair at the 
Alling Coverlet Museum

John Cielinski, owner of Books, ETC in Macedon and 
Marcia Marseille, owner of the Village Book Market in 
Palmyra teamed with the Alling Coverlet Museum in 
Palmyra to present "Books, Authors and Friends," on
Apr. 17 and 18.

Hopefully this will become and annual event.  I met many
new authors and reunited with authors from past events.
I enjoyed the energy, commaderie and lively discussions.

Let me tell you a little bit about some of the authors:

Eileen Loveman

Author of "Rhythms and Rhymes of the Heart." "A Surrender
to the Moon" and "George and Bob Stories." I had met Eileen 
before and we finally got together for dinner after the event!
Check out her site.  


Eileen Loveman, John Cielinski, Sally Valentine

Sally Valentine

Author of "The Ghost of the Charlotte Lighthouse,"
"Theft at George Eastman House," and "What Stinks."
Her books are mysteries for middle grade readers.
Read more about Sally at

Den Linnchan

Author/photographer of nature books NYS: 
"Adirondack Dawn"
"New York State Splendor"

If you visit the Adirondacks check out Hoss's Country Corner
on Long Lake to see Len's books. 

Mary Beth Egeling

A licensed massage therapist, Mary Beth compiled personal 
testimonies that inspired her to write about the wisdom and
innate talents in all of us.  Her book, "Messages from My Hands,
is about self discovery and personal growth.  I must read this!
A second book, "Love-Abouts," explores daily rituals that may
enrich your life and deepen relationships.  This book makes a
wonder gift.

Susan Baruch

Susan's debut novel, "Paternity," brings together a multicultural 
group into one complicated extended family.  Susan has many
writing credits, including essays and poetry.  Learn more on her

Gary L. Fitzpatrick

Gary has many serious history and reference books to 
his credit and other genres.  He worked for over thirty 
years in the Geography and map division of the 
Library of Congress,  lived in Hawaii and taught at the
University of Hawaii.

Some of his books include: 
    ( a satire inspired by his family's connections 
    to Transylvania and his eight trips there.) 
The Early Mapping of Hawai’i  
Surveying the Mahele (with Riley M. Moffat) 
Mapping the Lands and Waters of Hawai’i 
   (with Riley M. Moffat)
International Time Tables
Direct-Line Distances (with Marilyn Modlin)

Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck

           Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck and Rose O'Keefe

Ruth has over twenty books on regional history and teaches American 
History at R.I.T.  She also founded Heron's Bend Productions.  There 
is a link to her book "The Erie Canal" on this site.

Rose O'Keefe

After buying an 1865 cottage in the South Wedge in 1976, Rose began
research of the area.  She wrote for The Wedge a newspaper dedicated 
to that area and wrote her first Arcadia book "Rochester's South Wedge."

Brooks Tenney

Brooks and I traded books at the fair.  Of course 
"Marco Flamingo" is an easier read than "New Silk Road!"  
Brooks also wrote "The Ten Thousand Things."  
Both novels center around the intrigue of the drug 
and weapons trade.

There were other vendors at the fair who kept all of us 
deliciously fed!  And more who displayed their business 
products and crafts:

Carol & Curt Schreiner
Hand crafted, wire wrapped and silverware jewelry 

Amber Shultz

Amber is a distributor of essential oils through 
Young Living.  She is a vibrant personality that
is dedicated to whole body wellness.  Just a whiff 
of the peppermint oil snapped me out off my morning 
grogginess better than the coffee I was drinking.

Veronique Cheniaux

Vero is a crochet artist who creates colorful hats, scarves, purses 
and jewelry.  I am keeping her in mind for holiday gifts!

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Eileen Loveman said...

How nice of you to do this! It was great to see you again and dinner was wonderful, looking forward to getting together with you again!