Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Saturday, Gary and I went to Artizann's in Naples to 
bring more of Gar's bird carvings, then drove over the hills 
to our cabin.  It was a beautiful day---rare here in January.
Almost 40 degrees and sunny!  I feed the ducks corn, then 
sat in the sun.  Gar took in the rays too.

It was a day to enjoy....a day to look....a day to connect...
and a day to notice and appreciate.  I looked at nature
for awhile through the frame of the camera.   I selected and 
snapped designs and compositions that seemed in perfect
harmony and balance.   Maybe my sneakered foot even 
had a place there---a humble artist capturing the exquisite 
artistry of nature and natural materials that make my life 
solid and peaceful.

This saturday it is frigid, but beautiful in it's own way.  
But, not a day to sit in the sun.

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