Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Canandaigua Civic Center Art Show, Macedon Book Store, Winter 2014

I'm Up and Running Again!

It's been over a year since I have posted, so it's about time I bring this blog up to date!  I'll start with this month, April 2014, and work backwards.

Last weekend Gary and I went to the Civic Center Art Show on Apr. 26 to see an old friend who drove in from New Jersey for the event. We have been friends with Michael Olugbile for over 25 years.  He is both a ceramic artist and teacher, whom I first met when I invited him to do a clay workshop with my students. We have stayed in touch with him and his family over the years, and I am his daughter's Godmother. Michael's work is unique in technique, form and personal expression.  Some of his work embodies his Nigerian roots.

Friend, Nancy, joined Gary and I for dinner
with Michael at Rio Tomatlan in Canandaiqua

Before going to the art show I stopped at Books, ETC to hear my friend, Eileen Loveman, discuss her books.  I haven't seen Eileen for quite some time so it was good to catch up.  I also was introduced to Larry Weill who's had some unique experiences.  He was a wilderness ranger who lived in a tent in the Adirondacks for three years and wrote some books from his observation of hikers and campers.  One titled Excuse Me, Sir...Your Socks are On Fire seems like it will have some insights on wilderness mishaps. I've linked some of his other books on sale at Amazon.
Me with Eileen Loveman with her book
George and Bob Series

Me with Larry Weill

Books, ETC is a haven for me.  It's the ETC part of Books, ETC that makes it far and above more than a book store. The owner, John Cieslinski, is a diamond chiseled from his personality, wisdom, and wicked sense of humor.  I love talking to John and spending time sitting in the cozy gathering room behind the sales store front. John promotes writers and offers some unique topic events, such as Abundance Theory and Support Group, Journaling for success, Psychic Night, Readers Theater,  Healing Circle, and many more. Be sure to stop in and visit the store at 78 W. Main St. in Macedon.

Winter 2014

This was a winter to remember!  Luckily, Gary and I, and our black lab puppy, Jake, escaped to Atlanta and Cape San Blas Florida for three months.  And luckier than that, we arrived in Atlanta the day BEFORE the historic ice storm that crippled Atlanta for a week.  We were there to visit my son and family.  Our son, unfortunately, got stuck in the disaster trying to come home from work.  He had to abandon his car to get help and didn't get home until 10 PM. He had left work at 1 PM. 
Gary and Granddaughter Anna Atlanta Snow Storm

Our beach house rental in Cape San Blas

View of the sunset from our porch

Celebrating Gary's B'day at Sunset Coastal Grill
with Doug and Sharon

Jake and Gary

April 2014 Our Grandkids

We had a New Year's Day at our house
with friends Sandra and Richard

We had one of the best vacations ever in Cape San Blas, which has a dog friendly beach. It was our first time there and we were thrilled with the relaxing nature of the area.  It was not congested and had quaint areas and some wonderful dining.  The charming fishing town of Apalachicola was twenty minutes away.  We discovered a great place to board Jake when we wanted to spend time with our friends, Doug and Sharon, exploring the great dune beaches in the many state parks or going out to dinner. We went to the Sunset Coastal Grill in Port St. Joe to celebrate Gary's 70th birthday.  Gary certainly doesn't look that old. 

Doug and Sharon shared our fantastic beach house for two weeks.  The beach house was huge with three wrap around porches.  There were many nights with beautiful sunsets and morning rainbows.
Jake loved every minute there, running on the beach, swimming in the surf and playing with Doug and Sharon who love dogs.  Doug, who is a photographer took some superb photos.  Sharon collected unique shell fragments to use in her jewelry creations and I collected anything that could inspire paintings.  Now I just have to paint some!  I had every intention to start when we got back home, but the ice storm destroyed our covered dock at our cabin,  We have spent many weeks trying to get help to remove that behemoth structure.  Everyone is busy since there were so many docks destroyed by the
ice , below 0 temps, winds and heavy snowfalls.  Gary and I took on more work days to help pay for it.
Supposedly, we are retired!!  Ha Ha. Guess again.  Life also snuck in some really serious heartaches far and above the dock problem. This too shall pass as my Mother used to say.

Here is a photo of our destroyed dock and boat lift.  Winter 2014 was brutally cold.  Keuka Lake was totally frozen. The 2 ft. of ice destroyed many docks when it started to melt.

Some news from Atlanta:

Anna participated in a 5K race.  Super job Anna!
Erik congratulating Anna 

Daughter-in-law, Emily, shook hands with former President Carter.
Emily was on a business trip and Mr. Carter just so happened to
be on that flight!
Former Pres. Carter shaking hands with Emily

YEAR 2013

Gary and I spent the winter in Atlanta, Naples Fla, and visiting cousins Dick and Marsha
at The Villages. We also spent a week with Erik and Emily and the G'kids in Disney World Fla.

Gary and I in Naples, Fla

Disney World.  Smiles masking exhaustion and starvation.

This is what we left!

Gary did a commissioned bird carving.  A change of pace
from his usual work...a little whimsy requested.

During the Summer we spent time at our cabin between rentals
and enjoyed time with friends.  A special treat for Gary was
fishing with a sweetie, appropriately named Heavenly.
Our daughter, Michele spends a lot of time with her.

Heavenly and Gary

In Sept 2013 we bought a puppy who was born July 4th.
Jake was a water baby from the moment he stepped into the lake!