Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Adventures 2012

Once again we travelled to Atlanta to visit our grandkids.

I had my 50th HS reunion.  It was great seeing old 
friends and reconnecting to many.  I wore high heels, 
which is rare these days.  I wasn't on the dance floor
too long!

Patti was my best friend at Penfield HS where I went my senior year.

The informal at Shadow Pines was a blast.

It was such a great reunion that even Gary had a good time.
Dedication to Tom King, one of our classmates, 
killed in action in Vietman

The morning after the reunion we left for Nebraska
at 6AM!  We drove to Cleveland to visit our cousins,
then stopped overnight in Iowa.  Before heading for 
Lincoln, Nebraska to see my brother and family we
stopped at the Omaha Zoo.  It was 105 degrees!
We hustled from one air conditioned exhibit to another.  
The zoo had many unique features, so I'm glad we 
stopped despite the heat.

Some females have it made!

Love the pattern on this butterfly! 
I will continue with our summer adventures later.
Uploading photos and putting them where I want is driving 
me loony.  Does anyone else have trouble with this blog
format.  It's not very user friendly to me.  I guess blogs 
should be mostly text and maybe one or two photos!