Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rosalie Gabbert

Mr. Bee Man

Rosalie and I have collaborated on a children's
picture book, Mr. Bee Man. It will be published
by Outskirts Press and be released soon.  This
non-fiction account of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth
life, will endear readers to this gentle man who struggled
with illness, yet persevered in his study of the honey bee
to invent a bee hive that revolutionized the way honey
is harvested.  Langstroth loved to tell a good story and
introduce children to nature.  His life is inspiring to
readers of all ages.

Rosalie's husband was a beekeeper, so she was intent
on creating a book as a legacy to his life.  We both
did extensive research for this book.  I was in contact with
Matt Redman, a Langstroth historian and beekeeper who
provided me with numerous resources to help me envision
the vibrant life of Philadelphia in the early 19th century,
the place and time of Langstroth's life.  I really enjoyed
doing the illustrations for this book because I love drawing,
so chose to do a lot of line work in addition to washes.
Matt Redman also operates a handcrafted soap business 
with his wife.  His bee hives are an integrated part of his

Here are some images from the book:

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