Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy New Year 2013


This year was a great year for us.  I didn't do too
much writing, but did do illustrations for two books.
I substituted at Pal Mac three to four days a week
and my favorite place was (and still is) the Middle
School. Yes, I am crazy to love those whacky, dramatic,
noisy kids.  Gary and I drove down to Atlanta three
times and will be making another visit soon.

I had my 50th high school reunion, had some decent
tomatoes from the garden and terrific beets.  Gary and
I stayed very active going to the gym (doesn't look good
for 2013 however), maintaining the upkeep of our cabin
and helping our daughter with a kitchen remodel.
Michele and I added more to our laugh journal--we both
break each other up.

I reunited with some childhood friends and met many giving,
supportive people who have enriched my life.

My goals for the new year include finally working on some
old manuscripts to try and publish, traveling to Costa Rica or
Italy, enjoying my grandchildren, and remaining grateful for
all that I have.

Here are a few memories from 2012:

My pirate grandchildren

Ah, the quiet moments with three active grandchildren
Why can't they get along like this all the time?
Why am I so happy to be this old?
Visiting Taylor"s classroom/Taylor reading my Marco book
Grandpa and his "little peanut."

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