Sunday, January 20, 2013

George Brummell

The Mole and the Violin

I am currently completing illustrations for
George Brummell's children's chapter book.
Each chapter will feature a full page charcoal 
drawing.  George contacted me to do the 
illustrations and since that time he has become 
a dear friend.  We have spent a lot of time 
discussing his vision for the book, talking about 
our lives and our work and sharing humor and 
stories. I have yet to meet him in person,
but plan to this summer.  I live in NY and he and 
his wife live in Maryland.
From The Mole and the Violin Chap.5

I have great respect for George Brummell.  
He was blinded in the Vietnam War and yet 
has adapted with remarkable courage and 
service to others.  He chronicles his experience 
in Vietnam and his growing up years in 
Shades of Darkness.  

Read about this inspiring memoir on his web site.


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