Monday, July 13, 2009

SCBWI Poughkeepsie, NY Conference
June 13, 2009

Cynthia, me, and Jennifer

This was my second time to a SCWBI conference in Poughkeepsie.  
I went with Cynthia Iannaccone and Jennifer Burrows.  Linda Sue Park 
was the keynote speaker.  Her presentation was personal, insightful 
and inspiring. 

Linda Sue, center

As always going to conferences hits me with a sense of reality, magic, 
and a touch of craziness!  (Me? Real? Never!)

Cynthia and I 

After conferences I am eager to get back home and get right to work
improving my submissions. 

I had a critique on my story, "Eli's Wings," with author, 
Elizabeth Cody Kimmel.   I valued her insights and perhaps might revise 
this story as a middle reader. 

At the Mercury Grand Hotel where I stayed (conference also held there),
Jennifer and I went to Bananas Comedy Club at the Hotel.  We saw 
Dave Coulier's performance.  It was quite "impressive."  Dave is most 
familiaras Joey in the TV sitcom Full House.  

Me, Dave Coulier, Jennifer

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