Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Adventures of Marco Flamingo 
in the Jungle
I just signed the contract for the third book in the 
Marco series.  The next step is working with my editor 
to finalize the text and start the cover art.  I have already
submitted the initial sketches for the interior illustrations.
There aren't too many hippos and warthogs in my back
yard even though it looks like a jungle from all the rain!
So, I will work from photos in my files, and photos I will 
take at the Seneca Park Zoo. When I am working on a 
book I am zoomed into anything I can use for reference.
And lo and behold my friend, Karen came to our pool 
get together in a safari hat.  I had her pose and got the hat 
from different angles.  It was a rare, sunny, warm day and
Jennifer and her three kids and Karen and her two girls
swam, read and played independently while Karen, 
Jennifer and I discussed our summer reading.  We did
carefully watch the kids in the water and  provided pretzels,
raspberries (from my patch), and cheese and crackers for 

I also took breaks from my writing to enjoy the Canandaigua
festival.  My friend Cricket and I also spent that day browsing 
garage sales.  I picked up a lot of mid grade readers.  The 
Salvation Army had books for 39 cents.  Got some Newbery 
books there.  I also discovered "The Unique Toy Shop"
in Canandaigua, 120 South Main Street.  I showed the owner
my book---she loved it and will be ordering Marco books.

I have been pouring over books this summer. 
Some suggested reading:
The Horse Boy (adult book) a father's quest to heal his autistic 
son of some disturbing elements of his condition. They go on 
a trek through Mongolia.
Still Alice (adult book) A highly accomplished woman is
diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers.
I Love You, Miss Huddleston (adult book) Philip Gulley's
memoir of his coming-of-age in small town, Danville,Indiana
at a time when childhood was less monitored.
Losing Everything (adult book) autobiography of author's
reclaiming his hope, authenticity and spirit.
Savvy by Ingrid Law (mid grade) wonderful blend of
realism and the fantastic.
The Midwife's Apprentice (mid grade) a 1996 book I hadn't read.
Now, one of my favorites!
Wing Nut by MJ Auch (young adult) loved learning about
purple martins.
Tarra and Bella will be out soon.  Unlikely friendship between
an elephant and a dog.  Reviews out and a clip on you tube.
Elephants are my favorite animals and I am familiar with the 
elephant preserve in Tennessee.