Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lily in China

Wow, Lily awesome trip!

Patrick, Lily and Kathryn

I taught Lily's children, Kathryn and Patrick (now grown)
when I was an art teacher at Ganada.  Lily has remained 
a dear friend. Lily just got back from a month in China with
her children and other family members.  Her husband Paul
had to work.  I would have quit my job! 

Even though Lily was born in Taiwan, this was her first trip 
to China.  As a fiber artist (she makes beautiful quilts) 
I'm sure she was inspired by the gorgeous colors and patterns
of Chinese textiles.  Lily also loves pottery. She threw pots
before working over a potter's wheel threw out her back!

Here is the link to view the photos of their trip.

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