Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R.I.T. Event
My husband and I met our friend, Carmen, 
for the opening on 12/12/08 of the 
"Historic look at Visual Communication" 
presented by the Society of Illustrators.  
Since the Rochester Institute of Technology 
is one of my college alma maters, I love 
supporting events there. Carmen gave 
me a present...a waterproof, large PINK 
tote to carry my books and book signing 
materials. While we chatted, Gary somehow 
got stuck carrying the bag as he intently
viewed the show....
I think it brings out his artistic side!

Carmen is an awesome Italian and Spanish 
language teacher. I took Italian classes from 
her years ago...I wish I had kept it up. 
My grand daughter, Taylor, who is only 
3 yrs old is learning Chinese. She seems 
to have quite the aptitude for it. 

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emilyjarkins said...

Go Gary! I can't even get Erik to hold my purse...