Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pal Mac School Visit and Literacy Night  12/04/08

I visited four classrooms (two K's and two 1st grades) and shared a bit on the
process of creating a book "dummy" (the 32 page mock up of the pencil drawings, two color examples and text).  The kids loved seeing my color 
palette.  How they would have loved to touch!

After the reading of Marco Flamingo, I engaged the kids in responding to questions...."What is snow?"...."What are YOU curious about?"..."What do you love about Marco?  Kids used a flamingo beak to pick up props to use in the display..cotton balls for snow, pink feathers, and circles for their face drawing.  One student's reply to "What is Snow?" was...."What I know is that you are not suppose to eat the yellow snow!" 
Interestingly his dog, Marley, is the dog therapy animal at the school!  Can you find him?

Literacy Night was in the evening. Library Owl was there and my friend, Dayle, who is a K teacher at the school opened her classroom to art activities.  My husband, Gary, came and got into some heavy picture book

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