Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barnes and Noble Holiday Book Signing (cont.)

One of the great perks of book signing events is reuniting with old friends and meeting new people.
Thank you Ray for stopping by, dear friend.  Ray and I worked together at Ward's Natural Science Center (my first job out of college).  I haven't seen him in 40 years! We had such a blast at Ward's.  We worked in a little stone cottage apart from the main building. Our small group of illustrators kept ourselves amused in between assignments by measuring our smiles with a ruler, locking the art director in his office and having picnics.  

It was great to see Ashley, a former 
student I taught at The Harley School.  
She's graduated from college already!  
How time flies.

One of the beautiful families that came to the event.
Their daughter loves ducks. 
There are plenty of ducks in my story.

I met Duane Palyka, a retired film and animation professor 
at R.I.T. and we chatted about projects. I want to share 
his innovative process. In an email to me he explains it well...
"For the last five years I've been developing a computer program 
which incorporates computer graphics and animation with 
performance.  It gives the illusion of real-time video editing 
of live videocam images.  Using graphic cards, I've been able 
to map those images upon animated 3D forms.  So far I've 
performed with this software eleven times in theater settings, 
accompanying musicians and dancers.  The most notable is a
dance performance called
'Handamation' performed at NTID Panara Theater last May."

I wish I had seen this performance live!  It's amazing. 

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emilyjarkins said...

So exciting Sheila! We are so proud of you!