Sunday, September 6, 2015

Williansburg VA July 2015

Time with the Family

Erik, Emily and kids drove from GA and 
Gar and I from NY, a good half way point, 
to spent 5 days together.  We stayed at the 
Woodlands resort right in Colonial Williamsburg.
We had adjoining rooms, so Anna and Taylor 
roomed with us and they always wanted to watch 
HGTV at night.  The resort was SO clean with wide
walking paths and flower gardens. The kids loved the
water park and large pool on site.  Great breakfast
included, but we always went out for dinner.

Spent one day in Yorktown and Jamestown, 
one day at the Busch Gardens, and one day at
Historic Williamsburg.  It was in the 90's every day, 
but we survived!  It was so much fun and the kids
had a hands on history lesson.
Looks like a trailer for a movie

Palace Gardens

The "guys" in Historic Williamsburg

Kids loved the wigmaker shop

Toured a colonial ship

Water Play at the resort

A break after the roller coaster rides...look at Gary's face!

Time in town shopping for Anna's b'day present

Couldn't believe that Gary went on
the roller coaster rides with the Erik and the kids.
Too crazy for an "old man!"  He had a stiff neck
for a week.

The roller coasters there: Alpengeist, Tempesto, 
Apollo's Chariot, Griffon, Loch Ness Monster, 
and Verbotten.  I ventured off with Emily and Ty
for the kiddie rides! 

Erik and Gary went fishing one morning at little
lake near Yorktown and got caught in a thunderstorm.
They paddled to shore until the storm was over and
tried their luck again, but Erik broke a paddle and
the two went around in circles in the middle of the lake.
Lots of laughs for sure, but no fish!

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