Friday, September 4, 2015

April-June 2015

Substitute Teaching April-June 2015

Once back home in April from our winter 
in the South, I went full throttle back into work.
I subbed almost every day. I like my work because
it's different every day.  I sub K-12, any subject.
One day I was surprised to be assigned to an 8th
grade field trip to 5-Wits in Syracuse (located in 
a mall).  The kids loved the interactive adventures.  
One of the kids had a panic attack about going 
into an enclosed environment, so I spent most 
of the day roaming the mall with this student
and talking with her.  We had a great time learning
more about each other.  Then we joined the class 
for lunch and back to the buses for the return trip
to school. 5-Wits is a super activity for a class
8th grade at 5-Wits

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