Sunday, September 6, 2015

Busy Summer

Karen Moving to Michigan

My dear friend, Karen, is moving away.
We met over 12 years ago at a children book
workshop at Writers and Books. We were
sympatico from that day forward and over
the years were in writing critique groups,
went to antique shops and shared ideas, 
feelings, hopes and dreams. And laughed 
Karen and I at the Macedon Park Butterfly  Garden

We loved to go out for a glass of wine and
calamari.  Karen was authentic and unique.
She was ethereal and whimsical. She brought 
out my wit, and I brought out her confidence.
She loved to draw fairies, so I created a fairy
garden for her going away present. 

Fairy Garden gift for Karen

Me, Heather and Karen

Karen loves jewelry and is extremely 
knowledgeable about antique and vintage jewelry.  
I am making organic jewelry now that combines 
clay, home-made paper, pieces of shells, and 
beach finds. I love to make jewelry for friends.  

Gift for Karen

Gift for Taylor (made similar one for Anna)

We will hopefully never lose touch for long...
texting makes it so easy to stay connected.

Finally had lunch with my friend Nancy.  
We tried the new Indian Restaurant, Flavors.
Next time I'm ordering the lobster!  Only $20
for two tails.  The food is the best, freshest
and beautifully presented I've ever had for
Indian cousine.

Also, finally had lunch with Dayle and Lily.
Went to Rio Tomatlan.  Lily just got back from
driving with her husband full circle to state 
parks in US.  Dale is now a grandma, so we
shared many photos of our families.

Dayle, Me and Lily

My friend Heather comes over a lot to swim
with her kids, Emily and Nathan.  With my
grandkids so far away, it's great to have lively
children around.  Sometimes the kids bring 
friends and Jake is never happier.  The video
will show you that Jake thrives on kids energy!

I met Heather substitute teaching at Pal Mac.
She reminds me of actress Helen Hunt in her
expressions.  She and her kids love Jake and
likewise. They spent an afternoon at our cabin
and Jake manifests his affection with gusto.
Jake greeting Heather

Emily and Nathan in loft

Playing checkers


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