Sunday, November 7, 2010


(Rochester Children's Book Festival)
11/6/2010  Monroe Community College

I had a fantastic time!  There were many authors new 
to the event.  How lucky can I get being in one place 
with so many authors and illustrators.  The energy was 
electric.  I meet friends I haven't seen in awhile 
and former students.

Below are some of the authors and illustrators at the
festival and some friends and children I met.

My third year at the book festival.

A little 3 year asked me for my autograph, then I
asked her for hers.  Carly not only gave me her 
autograph, but her drawing of a flamingo!

Paul Zelinsky, illustrator

Author/illustrator  Will Hubbell
aka Morgan Howell

Barb and her Daughter Val ( Barb and I worked together
at the Gananda School district.  I taught her daughter.
Now she's married!!!)

Kathy and her Grandson Alex (taught Alex art).

Robin Pulver, author

Rose Kent, author

Suzanne Bloom, author/illustrator

Faith is one of my 5th grade students at PalMac 
where I sub.

Author Jane Yolen and author/illustrator Mark Teague

London Ladd, illustrator

Author, James Howe

Riley, 3rd grader, loves Marco!

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