Monday, November 1, 2010

Author Sharon Creech

I am in the process of writing two YA novels.  It is a
daunting task to complete when my characters run in 
every direction and I lose the momentum of my story.

When that happens I turn to successful children's writer's 
who have somehow learned to reign in their characters 
and complete a novel with clarity, direction, lively pacing 
and a plot without 100 sub plots.

I chose to read Sharon Creech's novels.  After reading 
Walk Two Moons (1994), The Wanderer (2000)
and Granny Torrelli Makes Soup (2003) many years ago, 
I felt very connected to this writer's style, dialog and humor.

So, I just recently read: 
Bloomability (1998)
Chasing Redbird (1997)
Absolutely Normal Chaos (1990)
Love that Dog (2001)
Hate That Cat (2008)
Ruby Holler (2002)
Replay (2005)
The Castle Corona (2007)
The Unfinished Angel (2009)
Heartbeat (2004)
Pleasing the Ghost (1996)

I am amazed at her creativity!  If you want your kids or 
students to love poetry, introduce them to Love That Dog 
and Hate That Cat (sequel).  The little boy, Jack, starts out 
hating and feeling intimidated by the teacher exhibiting his 
poems.  He grows to become enamored by poetry and 
poets.  Eventually, his own poems give him an avenue to 
express his feeling, process his grief and gain confidence 
in his endeavors.

Reading Sharon Creech gave me the confidence and 
inspiration to forge ahead in my own writing.

I'm on to reading Karen Cushman's books.  I loved 
The Midwife's Apprentice. She is a master at character
development and historical setting.  She has six more novels
that I need to read.  Winter in New York State is a great time
to sit by a fire and read!  (I will throw in a few adult books 
as well).

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