Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

Gary and I toasted in the new year with friends.
We all went to a movie and dinner, then gathered
at Sandra and Richard's home for drinks and desserts.

Top row L-R, John, Mari, Gary, Richard, Caroline
Bottom row L-R, Sandra, Me

Dave and Richard

Gary and I

We both welcomed the break from the long hours we had 
dedicated to painting (me) and carving (Gary) during the month 
of December.  I used the two week school break from substitute 
teaching to move ahead on illustrations.  We were both on a 
roll, getting a lot of work done.  Some days I stayed in my 
pajama's all day!  Because I tend to multi-task too much, I had 
made it a goal last year to focus on one project at a time for at 
least two weeks.  In December I painted 10 spreads (20 pages)
for Marco III and Gary carved six birds.  Whew!!!

Gary in his workshop 

Me in my corner

Gary's carvings

American Woodcock

Common Snipe


Illustrations for my new Marco book In the Jungle
release date Spring '11

...roaring with lion

...taking a mud baths with the hippos

...looking for buried treasure with ostrich

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