Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life Before.com 
and Seven Women, Seven Lives

At a Christmas Eve Party, hosted by my friends
Diane and Jim Bold, I met Mary Lou Greisen,
a lively octogenarian who took a memoir writing class
taught by Cecilia Dejoy at Nazareth College.  Along
with her classmates, their essays were compiled into 
two books which are now published.  They have had 
book signings around town and the books are available
on Amazon and the Red Bird Cafe.  Here are links to 
info about the books:  Life Before.com and

Mary Lou Greisen

Mary Lou raised seven children! Two of her sons that 
I talked to should be on Comedy Central.  Below is a 
pic of Mark giving tummy kisses to the family dog, 
Leilani.  The dog"s deadpan expression is priceless.


Mark's wife, Kathleen made the most beautiful, artistic
Christmas cookies I have ever seen.  They should be 
framed and put on walls!

Mark and Kathleen

That evening was the first time I saw Diane and Jim's
first grandchild,Colton. What a cherub!  Mama Kristen is in 
heaven!  Below are some photos of the evening.

Husband, Gary, and I

Diane, Kristen and Colton and below Jim with
his Christmas chef hat.

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