Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Great Week 6/20/14 -6/30/14) with friends, Doug and Sharon

Finally Time to Enjoy Our Cabin After the Big Clean-up

It was no easy task saving our boat and dealing with the enormous heap of pilings, wood and roofing materials piled on the beach from the demolition of our pier and boat lift.  All of it was destroyed by ice.
Thank you Ron Mason for helping Gary chainsaw the last of the pilings.
Second pile to be removed

Ron and Gary

Here is a photo of Gary taking a moment to recover.

Installing new dock

New portable dock

Previous to our friend's visit, our lab Jake was neutered.  We waited till he
was almost a year old to ensure good bone development.  Jake looked
pathetic with his head collar, but he adapted quite well to the humiliation
of bumping into walls and miscalculating doorways.

With the clean-up completed, it was time to celebrate!! We thoroughly enjoyed
Doug and Sharon's visit.
Doug is an amazing cook!

Our kind of breakfast!

Good to the last drop.

Jake loves Sharon!

Thank you, sharon, for helping with weeding.

Setting up a photo shoot of Gary's bird carvings.

Wandering left hand?

Who's lurking behind us?

Gary's gift to Doug for the photo shoot.

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