Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grandkids Visit July 2013

Following this post are the highlights of their visit in June 2014.  It is always a fun packed week. Some changes when comparing the two years.  Anna has matured a lot.  She will start Middle School this year.  Ty turned four and can now swim.  He had to be careful last year because of the tubes inserted because of constant ear infections.  Taylor is still caught in the middle!

The highlights of 2013 were tubing at our cabin, visiting Strong's Museum of Play, creating art work, swimming, and learning how to "candle" fresh eggs at our friend's Rhonda and Eric's "farm."

Ready for tubing on Keuka Lake

Em and the kids at the farm

Erik and Ty

Watching the chickens

Creating collages

Me and my grandkids

I'm going to get you!


Chickens at the farm

What are you looking at?

Erik fishing at the farm pond

Grandpa and Ty

Michele and Taylor

Holding the rabbit

Celebrating Taylor's B'day

Taylor on tractor

Learning how to candle

Play Doh Time

Enjoying a Summer Treat

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