Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winter in Atlanta

Gary and I spent three months visiting our
grandchildren in Atlanta and spending a
month on the Emerald coast of Florida. It was
great that our daughter, Michele, could take time
off from work to visit with Erik and gang and
stay with us in Florida for a week. Michele and
I laugh so much when we're together. We actually
keep a laugh journal!

I made the rounds at the grandkids schools to read
my latest book at the time, The adventures of Marco
Flamingo in the Jungle.  I also read the others. This
month, Marco Flamingo in the Cave was released
so the next time in Atlanta I will do author visits

It was especially fun visiting Anna's 3rd grade class
because Gary came along to read with me and share
his bird carvings.

Visiting Taylor's 1st grade classroom is special because
Mrs. Sahadevan was Anna's 1st grade teacher too.  She
and I have become friends.  She has a special interest in
books and is in the process of submitting her work. She
also has her class write and illustrate a chosen theme which
she then publishes through Student Treasures Publishing.

Thank you card from Taylor's class

Ty's day care is a hoot.  He loves it there.
I pick him up after his nap and he comes
running into my arms.  Can life get any better
than that!  The staff is so upbeat even working
with one and two year olds all day and changing
a gazillion diapers!  I had Ty on my lap while
I read my book and he helped me by making the
animal sounds.

Some other highlights of this past winter:

Celebrating Michele and Em's b'day

Studying a seed pod

Atlanta Zoo panda

Gar and Michele at a Florida Natural Spring

Enjoying water play

Celebrating Gar's b'day

Ty loves playing with his People, People!


Sharing a secret

Making homework fun

Making music-we spent the day at Em's parents house

Male bonding

Ready for outdoor play

Michele and I at Emerald Coast


Petting Zoo, Daddy and Ty

This is winter?

Helping Anna with school project

Watching the flames--Look at Mich and Taylor's pose

Ty loves his sandbox

And he especially loves playing the drums!!!

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Eileen Loveman said...

Great to see you enjoying family and congrats on the new book! I am back in Williamson so give me a call when you come back North!