Sunday, December 4, 2011

Substitute Teaching

When I stopped teaching art full time, I devoted my time writing
and illustrating children's books. I got a lot of ideas from
my own childhood, my children's childhood and being around
my grandchildren. Since my grandchildren live in Atlanta, I wanted
a venue where I would be around kids more often and be be a part
of the contemporary issues that interest kids and influence kids.
I tried working part time in a day care and loved being with the babies
and toddlers, but I realized that substitute teaching would better
fulfill my creative and intellectual needs.

I have been substitute teaching for three years exclusively at the
Pal-Mac School District.  It feels like full time, because I get a job
almost every day.  I teach children in all grade levels and subjects.
I have learned a lot and the kids inspire and challenge me!

One of my favorite grade levels is 6th grade.  The kids are energetic
and zany.  They are still like first graders in many ways, affectionate and
full of wonder.  Yet, their intellectual growth is on the cusp of complex
abstract thinking.  Emotionally, they are darting in many directions.

Since substituting, I have read a myriad of mid-grade novels.  I have been
working on a few mid-grades and my writing is better for my teaching.

Me reading to the class

Nothing distracts one student avidly reading

One way to absorb Newton's three laws of motion

Would you trust these two with scissors?

Scene stealer

Hands on science project

Typical 6th grade behavior

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