Sunday, August 15, 2010


My friend and member of our critique group,
Jennifer Burrows, just signed a contract for her first 
chapter book, Most Beautiful, with Royal Fireworks 
Press in Unionville, NY.  Congratulations, Jennifer, 
on this outstanding accomplishment.  You have worked
hard and you deserve it.  No details yet on the release date.
It will be exciting for me to follow the process of this book.

Family Time

Gary and I enjoy having friends and relatives visit at our cabin.
Last week cousin Alice from Cleveland, came for a few days. 
She loves fishing.  Even though the catch was released (too small)
just being on the serene lake was a much needed vacation for her
before starting back teaching in a few weeks.

Michele, our daughter, enjoyed time with Alice and spending a 
relaxing day.  She is a very creative artist and designs flower 
arrangements and wreaths for Preferred Plants in Rochester.

Palmyra Pirate Days
Again this year, I signed books, along with other authors, at 
this yearly event in Palmyra


Some little pirates.

Me and some of the other authors signing books at the event.

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