Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Contract
I just signed the contract with Raven Tree Press for a 
fourth Marco adventure.  This time Marco and his friends 
will have a cave adventure.  Marco has become so "real" 
to me that I breezed through the manuscript and sketches 
in one weekend. This is not the norm.  But, I was at our 
cabin on the lake where I have few distractions and the 
soothing sound of the water kept me in a rhythm. 
Marco's adventures in the Jungle will be out in March 2011 
and Marco's adventures in a Cave is planned for Fall 2011.
Life is good!

After getting back from Hilton Head, Savannah, Atlanta and 
a cousins reunion in Cleveland, I spent the last two days
sending out manuscripts to various publishing houses.  I get
intensely committed to staying "on track" with my writing 
after a respite.  But, enjoying life and family and friends
gives me a rest from thinking about stories and actually
living a story. 

Hilton Head:  Me and my granddaughter, Anna

Hilton Head: Ty is only 10 weeks old and already enjoys 
looking at books.  I read this book to him three times before 
he lost interest!

Hilton Head: Granddaughter, Taylor



Savannah Riverfront


Cousins reunion in Cleveland:  Alice, Me and Karen

New experiences also feed my soul. And taking time to really 
look helps me appreciate the beauty and design in nature. 

I have never seen lichen in bloom.  This design reminds me of
a Christmas wreath.

I really want to paint more this month. Thank goodness I have 
a husband who loves to weed or I would be living in a jungle!
We have both been eating out of jar of mixed nuts for dinner
rather than take time to cook anything.

Gary finished another carving.  He's amazing!


USA Book News Best Book Award
Jeannie Patchin, Vice President of Delta Publishing / Raven 
Tree Press, submitted my book, Marco Flamingo Under the Sea 
for this award.  Meanwhile, my book is now one of the books 
featured at their website.  As Jeanne states:  
"This listing will be live for 5 months.  The National “Best Books 
2010” Awards are specifically designed to garner media coverage 
and book sales for the winners & finalists throughout the 2010
holiday retail season and 2011! Winners & finalists will be 
announced October 2010 and I will let you know the outcome.  
USABookNews.com is currently listed on thousands of book related
-websites and welcomes thousands of visitors per month!  
Great publicity!"

Thank you, Jeanne, for submitting my book! 

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Eileen Loveman said...

Congratulations on everything!!!! You deserve it!