Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BEA (Book Expo America)

This was my first time at the BEA and I thought it 
would be overwhelming, but it actually was so
organized that it was easy to maneuver.  It was held 
at the Javitts Center in NYC which is conference 

I signed books for an hour for Raven Tree Press 
and met many librarians, teachers and other 

There is so much posted about this event that I'll
link a few.  One is on Flickr, another on BEA

I flew with two friends, Cricket and Mary Kay,
and we had an amazing time! Stood in line at 
Times Square for half price tickets, took bike ride
through Central Park and wined and dined.

On the flight home we were delayed on the runway 
for over an hour because Obama was "in the sky."
All air traffic ceased in the area until he landed.
We made the best of it and got to know the flight
attendant who supplied us with free wine and snacks.
Love Jet Blue!

Here are a few pics from my camera.  Mary Kay took
many, so when I get those I'll add more.

Can't wait to go back to that "town"!

This is the Raven Tree booth.  J.D. Smith, author of The Best Mariachi
In The World followed me for his one hour book signing.  The next pic
is some other publishers booths.

Eli, a music student, chauffeured us around Central Park.  Here we are below
enjoying the beautiful afternoon at the Park's many attractions.


Eileen Loveman said...

Thanks for this blog, Sheila. I attended my first Writer's Conference at BEA the day before and was blown away. Next year I'm staying for the week and sell some of my books!

J.D. Smith said...

Thank you very much for including my sombrero and me in your entry.

I had atteneded BEA once before out of curiosity, but this was my first time there as an author, and it was an amazing experience.

Thanks again.

J.D. Smith