Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visit to English Village 
Elementary School

This Elementary school is amazing!  It is a signature 
school that implements a dual language program. 
Children are immersed in both English and Spanish 
throughout the day.  Students K-2 learn to read, write, 
listen and speak in both languages (50% of the daily 
instruction is in English; 50% in Spanish).

I did a presentation of Marco Flamingo/Marco Flamenco 
on  April  27 and discussed my amigo flamingo. I showed
the process of creating the book.  One of the two teachers, 
Erica Wesley, was my student at Gananda Elementary.
I linked her website and if you can read Spanish you're
prepared to understand!

I seriously have to wear something new to these visits. 
You'd think this was the only blouse I have....well, almost! 
Here I am (wearing famous blue blouse) with Erica.

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