Saturday, December 6, 2014

My b'day / Water damage to home / Visit to Manchester, Vermont

Another Trip with Doug and Sharon

After dealing with ice damage at our cabin and water damage to the 
back room of our house, which entailed months and months of clean-up, 
demolition and repair, we thought we finally had a respite from stress.  
Not so!

After spending a wonderful, relaxing afternoon out and about, Gary 
and I arrived back home, opened the door, greeted our dog, Jake, who 
approached us with his tail between his legs and a sad face and wondered,
"what's up." We soon knew why. After a few steps into the kitchen we 
felt water sloshing over our ankles and the sound of a tsunami from the 
bathroom. Jake had the sideways eye look..."I didn't do it. I didn't touch 
a thing." Well, you can imagine what a house with 6000 gal of water 
pouring from a broken hose creates in terms of destruction. Our entire 
remodeled basement (which included my art studio and Gary's workshop) 
had to be gutted and our entire flooring of wood floors on the first floor. 
A lot of contents got destroyed too.

What would any sane person do to stay sane, after dealing with the initial 
agenda of twenty huge air blowers and heaters drying out the house, 
having insurance company assess damage, coordinating contractors and 
watching movers take all our furniture to storage, except our bed.
LEAVE for a little vacation!!

So, we met Doug and Sharon for a long weekend in Vermont. My birthday
was on the 26th, so it was a great time to take a break and enjoy life. 

We stayed at the Manchester View. Fall colors were in full splendor. We had 
the most incredible dinners at Ye Olde Tavern and Up for Breakfast. I bought 
a few cabinets for my art studio at antique shops to replace damaged ones.  
One of the highlights was visiting the oldest quarries in the U.S. 
Gary and I at Up for Breakfast

Doug and sharon across from us

On the deck of Manchester View Hotel

View from the deck

Marble Quarry abandoned

Gary and Doug wondering if there are any fish

Engraved into the quarry rock...1929 was the oldest date we found

Info on the quarry

At the quarry...Sharon gave me this beautiful scarf for my B'day

This is what we left....damaged contents and gutted rooms!

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