Monday, August 11, 2008


My first PB, Marco Flamingo (3 editions-English only, Spanish only, Bilingual) will be on the shelves soon!                                                  
I expect delivery 9/15.  The excitement has been building since 
Spring when I met my editor, Dawn, from Raven Tree Press, who was attending the International Reading Association (IRA) in Atlanta, along with Dick, the owner of their parent company Delta Systems. I was in Atlanta for a week visiting my son and family and met up with Dawn for dinner.  
We discovered that we both love musical theater!  She sings.  I dance.  The following day we joined Elizabeth Dulemba, who illustrated Paco and the Giant Chile Plant for Raven Tree. 
 She was a joy to be with and introduced us to many new places and people.  And somehow she managed to avoid the heavy traffic patterns in Atlanta--almost impossible.  She also likes to do U-turns a lot!  

First, we went to the Latin American Association where Elizabeth takes Spanish lessons and knows many people there.  We had a very successful meeting and brainstormed ideas for coordinating events and promoting each other.  (Marco speaks Spanish too!  See the Marco Flamenco edition). Next we went to 
The Reading Tree (independent children's book store in Alpharetta), My Spanish Workshop (new bilingual bookstore and educational center) and finally The Little Shop of Stories in Decatur.  Very stimulating, fun day and we didn't deny ourselves delicious food and drink either!   Looking forward to seeing both again. 

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